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Listed below are articles in recent publications in which M&RR, or the insights produced by M&RR's research, have been featured.

Sports Illustrated

State of the Game: The NFL Fan Poll

29% of fans who are following the latest news surrounding Roger Goodell think the NFL commissioner should keep his job based on the events of the past few weeks. So says a poll conducted last weekend by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED through Marketing & Research Resources, Inc. The responses (collected from more than 500 NFL fans, with a margin of error of plus/minus 4.33 percentage points) reflect changing views about the game-including the author's own.


Richer, Together

An exclusive MONEY survey reveals sweeping changes in the ways that husbands and wives are managing their finances. Use the insights and strategies that follow to get on the same page with your spouse and make your money work harder-and better-for both of you.


What's Your Money State of Mind?

MONEY's exclusive new survey reveals mixed emotions when it comes to our personal economy: We're feeling pretty good about where our finances are today but are full of worries about our prospects for the long run.


Your Surprising Beauty Secrets

Our national survey on everything from ideal cup size to the sexiest age.

Time Inc.

Time Inc. Study Reveals That "Digital Natives" Switch Between Devices and Platforms Every Two Minutes, Use Media to Regulate Their Mood

According to a new Time Inc. study, consumers who grew up with mobile technology subconsciously move between devices and platforms 27 times per hour and experience fewer emotional highs and lows with media content than previous generations.


How The Economy Changed You

You're saving more, borrowing less, and putting family time over amassing more stuff. Two exclusive surveys reveal the financial slump may have an upside: we're smarter about managing money.

Sports Illustrated

2011 NFL Lockout Watch: The People Speak

One month into the NFL lockout-with the draft not even four weeks away and with the absense of professional football in 2011 finally setting in as a real possibility-seems a good time to put a finger to the pulse of NFL fandom. What's the mood?

The Wall Street Journal

The ABCs of E-Reading

New Devices Are Changing Habits. People Are Reading More, Even While in a Kayak.

The Telegraph

Sony: ebooks to overtake print within five years

Sales of ebooks will overtake print books within the next five years, Sony has predicted.

Frederick News Post

M&RR committed to ethics, integrity with clients

At Marketing & Research Resources (M&RR), business ethics is not just something to put in the employee handbook and stick on a shelf.

Smart Company

Smart Company Magazine's 2009 Entrepreneurs to Watch

David Vershel and John Bekier have a pretty good idea who is going to be on the cover of Time, People and Sports Illustrated before the magazines hit the newsstand — their company, Frederick-based Marketing and Research Resources Inc., helped choose them.


The Global Luxury Survey

An in-depth report on the tastes and tendencies of affluent European consumers.


The Luxury Survey

An in-depth report on how U.S. millenials look at luxury.

President's Letter

Superior service and leading edge
technologies have resulted in M&RR's
remarkable client longevity, says
David Vershel, founder and CEO.

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Research Solutions

Whether launching a new product, better understanding your target market, tracking the success of an existing advertising campaign, or determining the choice of magazine covers, clients appreciate the value, depth and accuracy of the results we yield. Calling upon three decades of experience, we guarantee the information we collect and analyze will help to secure the success of your particular project.
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Data Collection Solutions

When it comes to data collection, we don't compromise. Whether obtained via internet, telephone or mail — or combinations thereof — our surveys employ the use of the latest technologies that allow for the height of customization.
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Data Processing Solutions

Our Data Processing Department serves as the backbone of M&RR's data collection and tabulation services. It is staffed by a highly qualified team of professionals with an average of seven years of research-related, data processing experience. Our data processing infrastructure allows for fast turn around of even the most complicated research projects, and every phase is executed with stringent standards of quality assurance, resulting in error-free deliverables.
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Analytical Solutions

Our analytical capabilities provide clients with business insights that allow for the best possible decision making. Using both proprietary and industry analytical tools, we can demonstrate one product's market standing against another, help to assign the most appropriate pricing, determine brand loyalty, create forecast models, and more — rendering information at its most highly actionable level.
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M&RR asks the right questions. Of the right people. In the right way.
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