Data Collection Solutions

Which form of data collection — internet, telephone, mail — has been proven to be the most accurate and cost effective means to get information?

Each can be, depending upon the sampling universe and type of data to be collected.

That's why M&RR offers a wide array of internet, telephone, and mail data collection solutions, ensuring our customers obtain the best possible research information. While we are recognized for our ability to generate highly targeted sample lists (yielding high response rates), we are equally adept at working with your database — and can assure its security.

The dynamic capabilities of the internet provide for multimedia presentations and two-way communication that results in richer, more meaningful feedback. In addition to rich findings, internet sampling is also among the timeliest and most affordable means of collecting data. Our web-based research plays a pivotal role in gauging the public acceptance or rejection of product concepts; determining the selection of editorial content and cover artwork for weekly publications; and crystallizing programming decisions made by television networks.


M&RR's internet technologies are distinguished by features not typically employed by our competitors.

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Internet Panels — M&RR's proprietary internet panels, dedicated to telecommunications, magazine usage, network viewers and electronics — reduce the screening costs associated with low incidence and niche categories. M&RR has also forged strong partnerships with leading Internet panels including SSI, GMI, e-Rewards, and Greenfield Online.

Audio Visual Downloads — M&RR has the ability to download or stream secured audio visual digital files for use in Internet surveys.

Ch@t Sessions — Ch@t Sessions allow for one-on-one dialogue with an executive interviewer during a quantitative Internet Survey. This service permits a more in-depth, qualitative assessment of critical issues needing answers.

Security Protocols — Extensive security protocols ensure maximum protection for concept descriptions and images.

Technical Survey Features

M&RR's ability to create a customized survey responding to your needs is all but limitless. Listed below are the question types and formatting features we routinely incorporate into our surveys. The functionality of these components can be seen in our Survey Demo.

Question Types

  • Single response question
  • Multi response question
  • Numeric question
  • Open-end question
  • Categoric and numeric grids
  • Other-specify
  • Single response responses in a multi response question
  • Maximum responses in a multi response question
  • Images / Pictures as question responses

Question / Formatting Features

  • Multiple questions per screen
  • Randomize / Rotate questions and responses
  • Displaying previous response in question text and responses
  • Multi column response lists
  • Drop down and list box response lists
  • Large grid randomized and split across multiple pages
  • Filter columns and rows of a grid based on previous responses
  • Various sized text input boxes
  • Control size of other-specify edit box
  • Progress bar

President's Letter

Superior service and leading edge
technologies have resulted in M&RR's
remarkable client longevity, says
David Vershel, founder and CEO.

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Research Solutions

Whether launching a new product, better understanding your target market, tracking the success of an existing advertising campaign, or determining the choice of magazine covers, clients appreciate the value, depth and accuracy of the results we yield. Calling upon three decades of experience, we guarantee the information we collect and analyze will help to secure the success of your particular project.
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Data Collection Solutions

When it comes to data collection, we don't compromise. Whether obtained via internet, telephone or mail — or combinations thereof — our surveys employ the use of the latest technologies that allow for the height of customization.
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Data Processing Solutions

Our Data Processing Department serves as the backbone of M&RR's data collection and tabulation services. It is staffed by a highly qualified team of professionals with an average of seven years of research-related, data processing experience. Our data processing infrastructure allows for fast turn around of even the most complicated research projects, and every phase is executed with stringent standards of quality assurance, resulting in error-free deliverables.
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Analytical Solutions

Our analytical capabilities provide clients with business insights that allow for the best possible decision making. Using both proprietary and industry analytical tools, we can demonstrate one product's market standing against another, help to assign the most appropriate pricing, determine brand loyalty, create forecast models, and more — rendering information at its most highly actionable level.
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M&RR asks the right questions. Of the right people. In the right way.
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