Efficiency, accuracy and high quality are just a few of the hallmarks of our telephone data collection services. Our 45-station, CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) Call Center, located within our corporate headquarters, is outfitted with state-of-the-art technologies and professionally staffed.


Predictive Dialers — Computerized technology that automatically forwards "live" respondents to our interviewers, resulting in maximum productivity. Sophisticated dialing algorithms and sample management protocols ensure maximum response rates.

Soundfile Playback — Ideal for concept testing, this technology provides for the playback of a pre-recorded description of a product or service, eliminating the potential for bias as a result of varying interviewer reading styles.

Digital Open End Recording — An alternative method of digitally storing open-ended responses using the consumer's own voice/inflection.


M&RR Interview Staff — Each member of our professional interview staff is thoroughly trained in research procedures and successful methods of obtaining responses. Many members of our staff are enrolled in area colleges and have been employed by M&RR for more than one year.

Supervisors — Our Call Center is staffed with highly experienced supervisors (1 supervisor for every 6 interviewers) who oversee its operation and the performance of staff.

Quality Assurance

M&RR ensures the integrity of data collected in its Call Center through the random monitoring of calls by supervisors.